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Getting Data from RestFB and Creating Sequence File > Hadoop

July 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Here is a quick code to get data from Facebook using RestFB API and  create Sequence file and dump you data into Hadoop Cluster.


  • Hadoop 1.0.3 Installed as Stand Alone or Multinode.
  • Eclipse IDE for development
  • Hadoop and Apache commons jars.
  • RestFB APIs

Steps to Create Eclipse Project.

  • New Java Project.
  • Add the jar to the project. (Apache Commons and hadoop-core.1.0.3.jar) and add RestFB jar.
  • You will find all (commons and hadoop) jars under hadoop directory.

Sequence File Content Format.

  • Key – <facebook_id, facebook_name, timestamp>
  • Value – <batch_me, batch_me_friends, batch_me_likes>

Add the below code to get DATA from Facebook and generate Sequence File. Before you start you need to updated the AccessToken in the code with yours Access Token from Facebook. You might want to look here..

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