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Mobiles in INDIA – Google Trends and Google Public Data

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

I was looking into the Mobile Trends in INDIA. There are as many as 650 million Mobile user in India. We are adding 9 million(approx) new users every month. Below is a look at how INDIA Mobile market fairs according to Google Trends and Google Public Data.

First Lets start at looking in to Mobile Phones in India.

Below are the details I got from my friend.


  • Total number of GSM Subs  as of February 2012 – 656.86 million
  • Total number of GSM Subs  additions in February 2012 –  8.77 million with 1.35% increase from previous month
  • Maximum GSM Subs addition in the month of February by – Idea – 2.58 million
  • Maximum GSM Subs addition in the month of February in – Maharashtra – 1,002,729 i.e 11.42% of the total Subscriber additions in February
  • Maximum GSM Subs  – Airtel – 178.78 Million

Lets Look into Google Public Data to see How INDIA has faired in the last few years against China.

US has reached its Saturation Point now as most of the users in US have a mobile. INDIA have not reach 100% Population yet and is around 65% mark. By 2025 we might reach 100% Mobile users in INDIA. By 2035 – 120% (20% Population will have 2 phones) of the population might have a Mobile Phone. That is around 1.4 – 1.5 billion users in INDIA alone. Now That is HUGE. (looking at Google Forecast on Indian Population – by the way we will surpass China by around 2035)

Forecast : Google Forcast INDIA Mobile Users

Google Public Data : Public Data Till 2010 – India, China, US

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