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Rooting Android Phone "Samsung Galaxy Ace"

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

I got my Android for a couple of months now and was stock for so long that I had to do something.

So first thing I planned to do was to root it .. 🙂 
Its very simple

Attached are 2 files “” and “”

To root your phone – Do the following.

  1. Copy to your SD Card (/sdcard)
  2. Rename the file as
  3. So your file should be in /sdcard/ (you can view this from any file manager you can install from the android market)
  4. restart phone and hold the HOME button you will enter into recovery mode. (as seen the image attached)
  5. select apply
  6. This will root your phone you are all set for nice RnD.
To unroot your phone
  1. Follow the same procedure above, just replace to
Enjoy ! Download this file

Black and White life in Linux to color

August 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Enter the below command to get the color on all the directories / executable files / other files (on Linux)

[zahmed@build ~]$ ls
3.0.0_cores  code_review  rnd  snmp  test_binary
[zahmed@build ~]$ alias l.=’ls -d .* –color=tty’
[zahmed@build ~]$ alias ll=’ls -l –color=tty’
[zahmed@build ~]$ alias ls=’ls –color=tty’
[zahmed@build ~]$ ls
3.0.0_cores  code_review  rnd  snmp  test_binary
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