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Simba …

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Smoking Not Aloud …

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Picture say a thousand words …. Well Here its 3 …

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Haliday ….

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Friday …

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Very important to choose right size helmet ..big enough to fit 2 heads … 😉

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KnN filter upgrade…

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I was working on my bike this weekend. Removing the Stock Intake is the tricky part.
Once you have removed the Stock Intake. Connect the K&N Filter directly to into Carburetor Air intake. I saw few of the people online connecting K&N Filter inside the Stock Intake filter. I think this is not a Good Idea. Also if you have to improve performance a little go for a Free Flow Exhaust, which I am planning to get it done soon. Will post as I get it done.
NOTE: Also make sure that in the Stock Intake container is air tight and no dust enters the container.

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Experiment …. 😉

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Work place ..

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Test from my phone … Android app ….

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