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Our Nominee for Oscar-Best action scene

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Don’t Play With Your Food!

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Normally, if you’re a healthy, red-blooded cheetah, a nice juicy impala is the “runs really fast and goes ‘boing!’ ” part of this good-for-you breakfast.  But what if you’re not very hungry at the moment?  Then he’s your new playmate!

That’s what photographer Michel Denis-Huot discovered in these amazing shots for the Daily Mail.  Already tired from hunting, the cheetahs patted and nuzzled the impala for about 15 minutes…

… and, even more amazingly, the impala nuzzled back …

… before remembering that it was food and scampering away.

Sent in by a gazillion people, all of whom were Goran G.

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American Convert goes through JIHAD – "I lost my wife,house and guest house"

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